Turkey Run State Park – Indiana

Turkey Run State Park is a must visit for anyone. The park has lots of amenities including a lodge, cabins, campground, swimming pool and much more. We were there to enjoy the amazing hiking trails. I had read that the park is extremely popular and can get quite busy so we got an early start and hit the trails by 7 a.m. on a Thursday in hopes of hiking when the trails were not overly crowded. We hiked the first section of trails and hardly saw anyone so that allowed for some nice pictures. Unfortunately, as I write this, it seems that I have lost all of the pictures from Turkey Run that we took on the camera. So I just have a few cell phone shots to share.

Anyway, we started off crossing the suspension bridge over Sugar Creek that leads Rocky Hollow Falls Canyon Nature Preserve where the best trails are located. We headed west over the bridge and got on Trail 10 and took that north to Trail 3 so that we could hike down the ladders section through Bear Hollow. The ladders section is where all the iconic Turkey Run State Park photos come from.



From there we took Trail 5 to reach Trail 9 to hike through Falls Canyon and Boulder Canyon. Boulder Canyon is a lot of fun. It is basically tons of boulders that you have to hike over and up to stay on the trail. After that, we headed back towards the suspension bridge to hike Trail 4 along the creek so we could check out the Narrows Covered Bridge. This area of Indiana is known for their historic covered bridges.



After crossing back over Sugar Creek, we took Trail 2 back to the car while passing by Gypsy Gulch and Box Canyon.

Turkey Run is a beautiful state park. If you are looking for more hiking in the area, be sure to check out Shades State Park!

Note: I did just read that the suspension bridge over Sugar creek is closed due to flooding. You can still access the trails via Trail 1 over the covered bridge. Please check out Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources for updated information.

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