Meramec Conservation Area – Missouri

My friend was camping at Meramec State Park near Sullivan, Missouri so I headed down to spend some time with her. We decided to check out a trail I had found on the Midwest Nomad Family’s blog. Be sure to check our their page as well!

The conservation area is just as short drive from the state park. Once you are on Highway 185, you go past the state park entrance and will see a sign on your left for the conservation area. Turn here and a rock road will lead you to the trailhead. The first parking lot is for the horse trails so if hiking, the second lot is just farther down.

The trail starts out by crossing a bridge over a small creek and then turns left into the woods. There will be a sign for the Woodland Trail and the trail splits to form a loop.

The trail is ADA accessible since it is paved.

The first neat feature is called Black Onyx Cave with an observation platform.

I also really loved the stone walls.

One side of the conservation area borders the Meramec River and there are short spurs off the main trail to see the river.

I actually really loved this conservation area. We only hiked a mile, but it was so peaceful and really nice to just enjoy the scenery.

Also, on the way out, be sure to stop at the Civilian Conservation Corps overlook for a view of the river and you can even see the state park campground!

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  1. Thanks for your post! I live in the St. Louis area and never knew about this place. Looks like a nice place to hike!


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