John James Audubon State Park – Kentucky

I love when my friends agree to my crazy adventure ideas…”Hey, want to take a day off work and meet in Kentucky and go hiking?” Ha! In August Amy drove up from Tennessee and we met in Evansville, Indiana. Just across the border from Evansville, in Henderson, Kentucky is John James Audubon State Park.

The most notable features of this park are the museum and the office. The buildings are beautiful!

We started our hike on the wooded King Benson Trail. It is a short trail and provides an alternative to the paved Warbler Road.

We hopped on the paved trail and took it all the way to the end and then caught the Wilderness Lake Trail.

I really liked this trail. There were lots of view of the lake and bridges.

We crossed over the levee and headed up the staircase to the Scenic View Trail.

An overlook of the lake is at the end of the trail.

We took a few other trails that headed back towards the museum and then at the end of the parking lot is a trailhead for the Eagle Glen Pet Trail. There is not too much to note on this trail, but several changes in elevation.

It is important to note that pets are allowed on only two trails in the park so Ellie had to stay home for this trip. One trail that dogs are allowed on is on the Wetlands Trail. The other is the Eagle Glen Pet Trail. The Wetlands Trail is actually outside the main part of the park. The wetlands were pretty, but sooo buggy so we hiked out to the opening and then came back.

My favorite part of this area was the wildflower field! It was unexpected and beautiful! I love the butterfly resting on the flower.

I really enjoyed hiking at this park and was so thankful that Amy joined me! This park also has cabins available for rent, a boat dock and a 9-hole golf course. Be sure to check it out!

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  1. Beautiful buildings & a wildflower field to boot! Like seeing parks with boardwalks!


  2. Not crazy at all. Looks like a great time at a very picturesque spot!

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