Emmenegger Nature Park – Missouri

Emmenegger Nature Park and the Possum Woods Conservation Area are located in Kirkwood, Missouri. While these areas are adjacent to Interstate 44, you can escape the city for a bit and enjoy the woods. A trail leads over a creek and away from the parking lot and joins several paved trails. As you head towards the back of the area, the trail will split and continue on.

I was lucky enough to hike this with my brother while he was in town from Iowa.

I think the best part of this trail is the part that runs along the cliffs, high above the Meramec River.

The area is a bit rocky and there are a few overlooks!

Once you arrive back at the main part, there is a small trail that will take you down to the Meramec River.

While this was a shorter hike, I really enjoyed this area. Adlai, my brother’s dog also joined us!

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  1. Now you’re in my neighborhood! That is my go to trail when I just need to get a little hike in. Love following your travels. We seem to hit many of the same trails.

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  2. So glad you two took a hike together!


  3. Looks like it would be beautiful in the spring & summer! Love the2 pups hiking with you too!


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