Bridal Cave – Missouri

While spending some time near the Lake of the Ozarks, we decided to visit Bridal Cave. If you are looking for a great breakfast before visiting the cave, check out Stewart’s Restaurant on Highway 54.

Since we visited in the fall, the Visitor’s Center at Bridal Cave was beautifully decorated.

We quickly hopped on a guided tour and entered the cave. I believe tours kick off every few minutes and last about an hour. Hours are subject to change due to the seasons so be sure to visit their website for the most up to date information. Tickets were $22 a person when we were there which is comparable with other show caves such as Meramec Caverns.

The cave has beautiful formations and even some tight passage ways. My favorite feature was Mystery Lake. The lake is a bright, clear, turquoise color and you can even see remains of an old ladder and equipment left behind by early explorers.

The below picture is of a donation pool where each year the funds are collected and given to the local school district as a scholarship fund =)

The cave is located on the Niangua arm of the Lake of the Ozarks.

This was a great stop to check out a unique feature near the Lake of the Ozarks!

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  1. Your pictures of the inside of the cave are beautiful. Mine never turn out quite right. I live in Missouri and have been to several caves – but not this one. Onondaga is perhaps my favorite. Thanks for your post!

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  2. Nice adventure. Interesting place. Was it lit, or did you push the limits of the ISO setting on your camera. jerry

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  3. Very pretty. Since I find caves scary, I won’t personally see the inside of one. Thanks for letting me see inside this one vicariously!

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  4. wow what a neat place. Never been there but sure looks a place we should. Thanks for sharing, great photos as usual!!


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