Benjamin Stephenson House – Illinois

I have driven past the Colonel Benjamin Stephenson house in Edwardsville, Illinois more times than I can count. On a rainy day, my friend and I decided to check it out and take a tour.

At the time we went, the tour cost $6 per person and starts out with a video introducing you to who Colonel Benjamin Stephenson was. Benjamin was one of the founding fathers of the City of Edwardsville as well as the State of Illinois. He held many important jobs including the Receiver of Public Money for the Federal Land Office.

The four room home was built in 1820 and it is considered the oldest brick home still standing in Madison County.

We first exited the house and toured the detached kitchen and loft.

Next, we entered the main home and enjoyed hearing about the history. One of the neatest things I thought is that there is no modern day electricity so everything was illuminated by hand lit candles each day.

The restoration of the house was very nice and it really brought you back in time. This was a perfect rainy day activity! Be sure to check it out if you are near Edwardsville, Illinois!

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  1. Perfect for a dreary day!


  2. I love touring old historical homes!


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