The Historic Sam Davis Home – Tennessee

While in Tennessee this summer, my friend and I were looking for something to do and we came across the Historic Sam Davis Home. Located just south of Nashville, Tennessee in Smyrna, this home takes you back in time.

Who was Sam Davis? At the age of 19, Sam joined the Confederate Army to fight in the Civil War. In 1863, he became a member of the “Coleman’s Scouts”, working behind Union lines to collect information and disrupt communication. Sam was caught while traveling to Chattanooga and the court tried him as a courier and a spy. Sam pled not guilty to being a spy, but was convicted on both counts and was sentenced to hang at the age of 21.

Upon arrival, you enter the Visitors Center and pay for a guided tour. There is a small museum and a video. Once the tour starts, a guide leads you around the grounds and then through the house.

The home was built in 1810 and renovated in 1850 by adding a second wing. Sam Davis grew up in this house and much of it remains the same way as it was back then.

I was really impressed since you could tour every room in the house and contains over 100 pieces that belonged to the Davis family.

I thought it was really interesting how the upstairs was divided into a boys wing and a girls wing and the two wings did not connect! There are separate staircases that lead to each set of bedrooms.

I also loved all of the beautiful patterned wallpapers throughout the house.

If you are in the area, I recommend checking out this historic site!

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  1. Looks likable interesting tour!


  2. very interesting and I too love all the wallpaper!


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