Bohm Woods Nature Preserve – Illinois

Bohm Woods Nature Preserve is a peaceful trail located in Edwardsville, Illinois and is very close to Southern Illinois University (SIU). While there is nothing highly unique about this trail, every trail deserves its’ moment in the spotlight. In 2006, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources purchased this land to protect the only old growth forest in Madison County.

Deep ravines lead into the Cahokia Creek floodplain. There is not a ton of information on this place, but what I did find lists the trail as a 1.7 mile out and back.

From the parking lot, the trail descends down a large hill and then follows a creek for a bit. The trail then turns left and heads up a huge hill!
My favorite part of the trail was at the top of the hill since the woods opened up into a large prairie.

We turned around since we were unsure of where the trail went from here. I always enjoy checking out a new place!

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  1. Looks like a nice trail close to home!


  2. Agree, looks nice & very close to home!!


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