Silly Mountain – Arizona

We were ready for another hike on our first full day in Mesa so we checked out the trails at Silly Mountain. I loved this hike! There are several different trails here and they all interconnect so you can hike for as far as you want. 

There is also a short figure 8 trail that leads through a desert botanical garden at the trailhead. 

We started out from the trailhead and went right on the Brittlebrush Trail and then hopped on the Old Mine Trail. We climbed this trail to the Sunset Saddle. Sunset Saddle is a unique low spot between high points. We scrambled to the top and perched ourselves on the ridge and just took in the view. In front of us was sweeping views of the valley and behind us was the ominous Superstition Mountains. 

Apparently before the hiking trails existed, the mountain was used for offroad activity and a scar with no vegetation existed on the side of the mountain. A local organization restored the mountain and developed the hiking trails in 2008.

Sitting on top of the mountain!

Nothing better than being on top of a mountain with your cousins!

We headed back down the same way we came up and then headed off to dinner. Between Silly Mountain and Brown Road Hill, we an awesome first day in Mesa!

Making my way down the mountain!
View of the valley
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  1. Those cactuses (cacti?) are so cool!


  2. Looks like an amazing hike! Will have to swing by next time we visit AZ

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