Robertsville State Park – Missouri

My goal for 2020 is to adventure more. Whether it is hiking, camping or just exploring, I want to do more of it in 2020. We recently took a drive to Robertsville State Park to check it out. This park is located along the Meramec River. It is a smaller park, but still beautiful in its’ own right.


There is one main road in the park and there are only two hiking trails in this park. After passing the lake, two small parking lots are just ahead for each trail. We first hiked the Lost Hill Trail. This trail is 2.6 mile loop. There are some smal hills, but overall the trail is a nice walk through the woods.

We then hiked the Spice Bush Trail and this is a .8 mile loop. There are a few neat bridges along this trail.


I noticed a sign for the Roberts Family Cemetery so we walked along the main road and on the right is a trail to the cemetery. There were headstones that dated back to the late 1700’s and 1800’s!

The Roberts family moved to this land in 1831 and began to farm the rich soil. The small adjacent town is named after this family. This area also attracted St. Louis residents in the 1900’s looking for a resort town. Many people built resort homes along the Meramec River and would take the train to Robertsville to escape the busy city life.


I also checked out the boat ramp area and the calm Meramec River.


There is also a small campround. Most of the sites had a slope to them, but a few on the north side of the campground had nice, fenced platforms.


Robertsville State Park was the perfect place to spend a morning hiking. Time to cross off one more park on my goal to visit all Missouri state parks!

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