Cedar Bluff Trail – Missouri

Castlewood State Park is one of a Missouri’s post popular state parks for good reason. It has rocky trails, overlooks of the Meramec River and is really close to St. Louis. But, many people do not know that there is a trail that is part of Castlewood State Park, but it can’t be accessed from the state park!


To get to the Cedar Bluff Trail, you will need to start your adventure from Sherman Beach Park. From this park, you an access the Al Foster Trail and the Stinging Nettles Trail. From the back of the parking lot, away from the river is the Al Foster Trail.


This trail goes through the forest and then follows the railroad. There are a few trails that veer off to the right. The trails get a bit confusing back here, but turn to the right and start to head away from the railroad tracks. Basically, you want to stay on the Al Foster Trail. The trail looks like it stays straight along the railroad tracks, but it doesn’t.


After hiking a bit further on the Al Foster Trail, there will be a sign for the Cedar Bluff Trail to the left. Follow the trail to the left and you actually have to hike under the railroad tracks through the culvert. It is not even tall enough to stand in!

The tail is a 2 mile loop through the woods with a few neat rocky areas. I bet the trail would be beautiful in the fall.


After returning back to the trailhead, be sure to walk down to the Meramec River. Due to recent flooding, it was a bit muddy LOL!

Overall, we hiked 6.5 miles and it is always great to get outside and explore a new trail! Have you ever hiked this trail? What did you think?

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  1. Oh Dex the mud! Beautiful pics as always!


  2. Does this trail have expansive views, like the river scene trail? I read that it features the highest point in the park – but are you able to see much?

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