Glassburg Family Conservation Area – Missouri

One of the more local trails that has been on my ‘To Hike’ list is the trail at Myron & Sonya Glassburg Family Conservation Area near Eureka, Missouri. This area is the result of a generous donation from the Glassburg family to protect and illustrate the beauty of the LaBarque Creek watershed. Thank you Glassburg’s!

The three mile loop starts out from a parking lot along Highway FF. A nice memorial sits at the beginning of the trail. Even though it was raining…again, we toughed it out and hit the trail. Ellie says she kinda doesn’t like hiking in the rain, but I make her. It’s good for her LOL!


The trail then splits to start the loop. We hiked clockwise so we headed off to the left and up the hill. I really loved the different landscapes that the trail passes through.

About halfway through the trail is a spur to an overlook of the Meramec River. 


There is a smaller loop trail within the larger loop that circles Buder Lake. The lake was looking a bit on the sad side, but maybe there is something in progress there. Fingers crossed!


We always love being on the trail with Nicole and Dexter!


Overall, this was a great hike not far from St. Louis! Be sure to check it out!

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  1. As far as I know, there was a break in the impoundment, so they have just let the pond drain. I don’t know if they are going to fix it or not, but it has been that way for maybe a year? It had the prettiest “grove” of lilypads, and it is a shame what happened.

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  2. Loved the look-out point!

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