Geological Center of Tennessee

I have a way of finding the most unique things while I am traveling. I recently spent a weekend in Tennessee visiting my friend, Amy. We were on the interstate heading back from Short Springs Natural Area and I just so happened to look out the window and see a billboard that said “Murfreesboro – the geological center of Tennessee”. Well we were grabbing some lunch in Murfreesboro so being the good sports that Amy and her husband are, we decided to check it out!

Just north of Middle Tennessee University on the east side of Old Lascassas Road is a small park. The parking lot holds only about two cars. There is simple, stone obelisk that marks the exact geological center of the State of Tennessee.



This is not fancy by any means, but it is pretty cool to say you have stood in the center of the state!

I had no idea that state’s mark their centers and now I want to start visiting all of these places! Have you ever been to any state’s geological centers?

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  1. I’ve never heard of that, how cool!

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  2. Wow,I’ll bet you guys and maybe 3 others have ever visited that site!! As always great commentary and great pic! Thanks for sharing!!

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  3. That is so cool! I wonder if every state has that!

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  4. Illinois has one near Springfield in Chestnut ,Ill can,t locate one in MO.

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