Washington State Park – Missouri

A couple weeks ago, my friend Nicole and I met up and explore Washington State Park. Washington State Park is just outside of DeSoto, Missouri situated on the banks of the Big River. We first hiked the Opossum Track Trail. This trail is 2.5 miles long and circles the park. I liked this trail since it was diverse. In the beginning, the trail follows a creek.

Washington SP (6)

The last part of the trail takes you across high bluffs with stunning views of the country side below.

Washington SP (12)

Since it was super hot, we took the dogs down to the River Access area to cool off in the river. There were a lot of families down here, but we were able to find a spot to wade in the river.

Washington SP (42)

Washington SP (40)

^ Dexter cooling off in the Big River ^

Lastly, we hiked the 1000 Steps Trail. This trail was pretty cool because in 1936, the Civilian Conservation Corps built this trail using large stone rocks to create steps, giving this trail its’ name. At the top, is a shelter with another great view!

Washington SP (55)

Another really neat feature of this park is it’s collection of prehistoric petroglyphs that date back to 1,000 A.D. There is a nice covered boardwalk that helps protect the ancient rock carvings.

Washington SP (63)

Below, you can make out a war eagle.

Washington SP (62)

Overall, this was a great park for a day trip. The scenery is beautiful! Be sure to check out Missouri State Park’s website for more information!

Washington SP (39)

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  1. I love this!! Your last photo is so cute 😍

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  2. Nice!!! We have a trail called 1,000 steps here in PA – and it’s way more than 1,000- LOL but the views from the top rock

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  3. As always, great pictures!

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