Stemler Cave Woods Nature Preserve – Illinois

Stemler Cave Woods Nature Preseve is located on the outskirts of Columbia, Illinois just across the Mississippi River from South County St. Louis. While this trail may just be your typical walk through the woods, sometimes that is all you need to clear your head and get back on track. I also like blogging about places that are less common and not as well known since I believe, all trails deserve their moment in the spotlight 🙂

Stemler Cave (1) The trail was completed in 2006 in honor of Homer Stemler, an avid outdoorsman who emigrated from Germany in 1832. Much of the Preserve is where the original homestead of the Stemler family once stood.

We hiked the longer interpretive trail which is about two miles long. The trail is meant to be hiked counter-clockwise so that the interpretive signs are in order. The trail is easy and wide in most parts.

Stemler Cave (2)Stemler Cave (3)
I loved the prairie section of the trail.

Stemler Cave (4)Stemler Cave (5)

I found the trail map below at the kiosk at the trailhead. Overall, this was a great short hike!

Stemler Cave (7)Stemler Cave (6)

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  1. Looks like a perfect close by fall hike!!


  2. And I bet the trail was doggie friendly as well as very pretty!


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