Watershed Nature Center – Illinois

Located in the heart of the historic district in Edwardsville, Illinois, is the Watershed Nature Center. This “unique green space” provides a bit of serenity among the suburban development. A one mile loop trail leads around the perimeter of the marsh and wetlands.

Watershed (2) Watershed (5)

In 1991, a proposal was submitted to turn the abandoned sewage lagoon into a preserve and in 1995, it opened to the public. The preserve is home to over 140 species of birds and various other animals. We saw tons of frogs and even a deer!

Watershed (3) Watershed (4)

The Visitor’s Center is open limited hours, but the trails are open from dawn until dusk. The best part is that dogs are allowed as well! If you want to hike/walk more than a mile, the MCT bike trails are just up the road which you can walk forever on in either direction.

Watershed (1)

This place is a great local spot that you should really check out! Be sure to visit their website for more information.


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  1. Beautiful pictures!!


  2. Very close to home for a quick hike!!


  3. Love the first two boggy sunsets!


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