Rockwoods Reservation – Missouri

Rockwoods Reservation is located in western St. Louis county and it is about a 35 minute drive from downtown. The park has several trails, but we hiked the Rock Quarry Trail and the Trail Among the Trees. Previously we had hiked the Lime Kiln trail and you can see my post here on that trail!

Rockwoods (19)
The Rock Quarry Trail is 2.25 miles long and is a loop trail. There are a couple trail heads for this trail, but we parked at the trail head near the park office. The trail steadily climbs to the top of the ridge.

Rockwoods (1)

Along the way, there are towering rock walls and remnants of the old quarry activity. On top of the ridge, there is sign for the long route or the short route. Even though it was pouring down rain, we decided to take the long route. The trails meanders along the ridge line and then a couple sets of staircases bring you down into a ravine. This was my favorite part of the trail as you followed the rocky creek.

Rockwoods (2) Rockwoods (3) Rockwoods (4)

There is even a small trail to a cave.

Rockwoods (5)Rockwoods (7) Rockwoods (6)I just loved all of the rock features along this trail.

Rockwoods (8)

Rockwoods (9)

Once you reach the road, it is just a short walk back to the parking area. But be sure to stop and look at the towering rock walls off to your right. They are beautiful.

The trail head for the Trail Among The Trees is actually to your left on the other side of the road as you are walking back to your car.

Rockwoods (10)

A wooden bridge leads you over the creek and the paved trail leads through the forest.

Rockwoods (11) Rockwoods (12)

There are several interesting things to see along the way.  The trail boasts lots of bridges and rock formations.

Rockwoods (15) Rockwoods (16) Rockwoods (17) Rockwoods (13)
My favorite part of the trail was the large rectangular rocks used as stepping stones to cross the creek.

Rockwoods (14)

The most notable feature of this trail is the overlook.

Rockwoods (18)

The trail ends near the shelter and it is just a short walk back along the road to your at.

The day we went, the forecast was calling for spot showers. Well the spot shower hung over us the entire time we were hiking. It was a lot of fun, but we were drenched and so was my pup. She was not too happy 🙂

Rockwoods (20)
Overall, I really like Rockwoods Reservation. While you are hiking, It feels so far away from the busy city, but in reality it is a pretty short drive from St. Louis. I think my favorite trail at Rockwoods was the Rock Quarry Trail so be sure to check it out!
Have any questions or comments? Please leave them below!

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