Humpback Bridge – Virginia

While on our way from Virginia to the New River Gorge, we saw a sign on Interstate 64 for Humpback Bridge. Less than five minutes from the interstate is this historical bridge.




The bridge spans Dunlap Creek.


This location is also a site for the Virginia Tourism Corporation “LOVEworks” project. As you can see, different objects spell the word “love”. The “L” is made from local bricks while the “O” is a gear from a paper machine at a nearby company. The “V” is a natural element created by the tree and finally the “E” is old railroad ties.


The park is just outside of Covington, Virginia and has a nice picnic area. Be sure to get out and stretch your legs at this historical landmark!




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  1. The winner is…
    Second picture from the bottom, in which the bridge appears to lurch from bank to bank. 😀


  2. Oh no the best one is the word ‘LOVE’ spelled out in photo 5!!


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