Devil’s Prop – Illinois

We were headed northeast of Mt. Vernon, Illinois over the weekend to pick up a new puppy for my mother-in-law. We were following the GPS across the back roads of Illinois when I saw an old brown sign for Devil’s Prop. Curious as to what that was, I googled it and found out that it was an interesting rock formation. We were not really planning on hiking, but since we drove past the small parking lot, I figured it would be neat to get out and at least see if there was anything neat.

Devils Prop (6)

The trail starts out from a small parking lot, headed through the forest. The trees were in their autumn glory featuring stunning reds, golds and oranges.

Devils Prop (8)

A short hike leads to a top of a ravine. From here, there is a trail that goes left, right and down. Since we were not really planning on hiking, we just went down the trail into the ravine.

Devils Prop (9)

The ravine is a beautiful place. It has a small creek that runs through with a couple small wooden plank bridges to cross the shallow creek. Beautiful rock formations surround you with also a couple small caves near by.

Devils Prop (10)

Devils Prop (11)

Devils Prop (12)

Devils Prop (5)

Devils Prop (4)

Devils Prop (3)

Devils Prop (2)

Devils Prop (1)

Unfortunately, people have vandalized the rocks with spray paint, but the area is still beautiful.

To find Devil’s Prop, take exit 103 off Interstate 57 towards Dix, Illinois. Stay on Breezeway Lane until you reach North Tolle Lane. Turn right on North Tolle Lane. Before the road curves to the right, turn left on Robin Road (there is a small brown sign here). Next, you will come to a four-way stop. Turn left onto Strafford Lane. After about a mile, there will be a small parking lot on the right-hand side of the road with a small sign for Devil’s Prop. For the exact location on Google Maps, see the map below.

Devils Prop (7)

Have you been here or have any additional comments? Please leave a comment!



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  1. Wow, thanks for the pics. It’s been about 20 years since I have been there, still looks exactly the same. Back in the day that was a great party place for the teens of Mt.Vernon, guess it still is. Lots of memories.


    • Yeah I think it is still a hang out for teens. We didn’t quite realize that since we are “out of towners” and were there to check out the natural beauty. There were some teens in the parking lot when we returned from our hike giving us some stares. Oh well!


      • I grew up a few miles from there.I wish you could have seen it 25 yrs ago.Under the huge prop.Hundreds of names and dates carved in it.It was spiritual. The last time I went there most of it had with time the layer of Names and Dates were gone.It made me sick.1888.why did I not photo.Im great ful to have seen it.It has been a fun site for teens.I will tell you this.Its creepy.Always has been

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for the comment! I agree!


  2. I live like 2 minutes away and have not been there in about 15 years, my kids are always asking to go so I think I should take them.


  3. we use to go there when kids were younger………..really nice place to visit…close to home……..I always thought they could make it into something more………but then it would also give vandals something to do………..


  4. I grew up out there as well and spent a lot of time there as a child. All of my family still lives out that way- One of them sells puppies! I’m wondering if that’s who you bought a puppy from. If it was from, it was. 🙂


  5. This is the backside of my grandparents old farm. The names carved on some of the rocks are my great uncles. Warner Ellis, Ferrel Ellis and Jimmy Ellis ,my grandfather.Inside the cave is warner’s name. It is a old Indian buriel ground.


    • that would explain the indian writting on the walls then i knew what it was back when i was a kid i told mom what it was they didnt know but i did because i learned it by reading books in school i was trying to tell them what it meant but noone took me seriously ,i loved it out there tho we went out there alot just to picnic when i was little and to get away from town it was so pretty and educational for kids ,i remember it well i always went on trips like that as a kid i loved it out there very pretty and i felt so safe out there with the nature and well relaxed i would go sit in the cave and read the walls while they would sit in their chairs and gossip and eat their dinner i had a very active imagination back then lol it was kool to me .


  6. Love to take the grandchildren here especially for fall pix, they love this place to. Its close to home and not to much of a hike for the younger ones. It is a real shame that some people don’t respect it’s natural beauty and use it only as a party place.


  7. I would have to agree with your comment Patricia.


  8. lots and lots of good memories ive enjoyed there wish though people wouildnt spray paint …pretty sacred place love the plateua..


  9. i went out there when i was a kid alot i had fun out there alot it was awesome used to picnic out there all the time we always had fun learned alot about that place i always felt like i was free out there and relaxed like a free spirit but i loved the woods so it was always that way for me man i miss those good old days gotta love the good old memories of when you were a kid ,thanks for showing the pics they were so beautiful reminded me of when i was younger and still pretty like it was then of course minus the graffiti on the rocks back then tho u could see indian writting on the rocks and stuff more then anything idk if it still shows or not in those lil area of the caves but u could see them when i was a kid anyways


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