Foster Falls – Tennessee

Foster Falls is a beautiful waterfall located within the Foster Falls Small Wild Area. The parking for the trail head is located on Foster Falls Road off of Highway 41, south of Tracy City. The total length of the trail is actually 12.5 miles and is part of the Fiery Gizzard trail system. See my post HERE about Fiery Gizzard. We opted to just hike the trail down to the base of the falls. The trail starts out from a viewing platform and then descends the bluff via a very rocky trail. A neat suspension bridge awaits you at the bottom which leads you across a creek.


From here, the trail T’s. We took the trail to the right which leads you to the base of the waterfall.


The falls were not running much when we were there, but were still beautiful.



This area is also known for its’ rock climbing area. This is a great area to check out since it can be a short hike or a really long hike. Absolutely beautiful.

Foster Falls


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