Central Arkansas – Random Places to Visit

Towards the end of April 2013, we headed out to explore Arkansas. I was super excited since it had been quite a few long winter months since we had been out hiking. I was really excited to drive down Scenic Highway 7, but of course it was extremely foggy and rainy so all those beautiful overlooks that I wanted to check out…well we couldn’t.

Foggy Arkansas

Our plan was to head to Long Pool Recreation Area just outside of Dover, Arkansas, but since we arrived on a Saturday and they do not take reservations, it was completely full. So we drove on to Piney Bay Recreation Area to camp there. I am almost glad that Long Pool was full because Piney Bay was amazing! You can see my review of Piney Bay on HERE on Pop Up Portal.

Piney Bay Recreation Area

We pulled up and the hostess was extremely friendly and helpful. From out site, we had a view of the lake. Overall, this campground is really clean and nice.

DEVIL’S DEN STATE PARK – Winslow, Arkansas

Ok, I will admit it. We drive a lot when we are on vacation. So what do we do? I really wanted to visit War Eagle Cavern in Rogers. Since we have our puppy, we never get to go on cave tours since most of them do not allow dogs. But, War Eagle Cavern does! We broke up the 2.5 drive by stopping at Devil’s Den State Park along the way. One of the roads leading into the park has something like 8 swtich backs and it was really fun, but if you are towing a big rig, this is not the way in for you.


From the Visitor’s Center, we hiked the Devil’s Den trail. This is a really cool trail featuring a waterfall and views of Lee Creek.

View of Lee Creek

Devil's Den Waterfall

Photo Mar 02, 4 18 53 PM

Be sure to walk down to the dam and also check out the bridge that crosses the creek.



WAR EAGLE CAVERN – Rogers, Arkansas

First of all, on the drive there, is the War Eagle Mill. It is very picturesque and historic with the one lane bridge. Now onto War Eagle Cavern. For being a privately owned cavern, this place was pretty cool. We lucked into a private tour and the tour guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. There is a short hike there that takes you above the cavern for a different perspective. Even though our dog seemed to be scared of the cavern, it was a nice experience to enjoy since we did have her along.

Photo Mar 02, 4 20 09 PM


War Eagle Cavern

War Eagle Mill



Nestled in the Ozark National Forest is this gem. It is a favorite swimming hole for locals. The falls are not tall by any means, but they are impressive in their own way.  To get to Haw Creek Falls, you actually must ford Haw Creek so if the creek is too high, don’t chance it.

Haw Creek Falls

Haw Creek Falls

Photo Mar 02, 4 20 35 PM

Photo Mar 02, 4 20 54 PM

Just up the road from Haw Creek on Highway 123 is a one lane bridge that crosses Big Piney Creek. One thing that I will never forget about this trip to Arkansas is the color of the water. The water is a color unlike one I have ever seen here in Illinois. It is a mesmerizing mix of blues and greens and super clear.

Big Piney Creek

Be sure to check out my other Arkansas posts about Petit Jean State Park and Mount Magazine!

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  1. The Devil’s Den is beautiful. Great pictures!


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