Fairmount Falls – Kentucky

Fairmount Falls is located southeast of Louisville, Kentucky. What makes this park unique is that only three vehicles are allowed per day since there are only three parking spots at the trailhead.

To gain access, you have to call the Jefferson Memorial Forest Welcome Center a few days before you want to hike here and they will give you an access code and take down some of your vehicle information. We had a bit of an issue since the code they gave us would not work. We couldn’t get ahold of anyone so after a half hour, we left. A while later, they returned our call so we drove back to the trailhead after receiving the correct code. It turns out that maintenance did not make it out the night before to change the lock so I might recommend giving them a call the morning you plan to hike to make sure the access code is accurate.

The trail takes off from the parking lot and then soon crosses over Hidden Creek Lane. Once on the other side of the road, the waterfall quickly comes into view. You can only really view the waterfall from the sides and there is no access to the bottom from the trail.

The trail crosses over the creek that feeds the waterfall and this is probably one of the coolest parts of the trail. You are literally standing on top of the waterfall. There was not a ton of water when we visited.

The trail continues along the far side of the waterfall and creates a small loop through the woods.

Overall, I am glad we stopped at this waterfall to check it off the list while in Louisville, but I enjoyed the other places we visited like Tioga Falls and Saunders Springs Nature Preserve more and would recommend those if limited on time.

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  1. Good info to have!


  2. Very nice, but I’m sort of turned off by the issues of access you had 😦

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